commercial roof replacement

When was the last time you considered the age or integrity of your commercial roof? It might not be something that you think about every day, but if your roof shows signs of wear or age, ignoring those red flags could cost you a fortune in repairs.

The materials used in commercial roofs are different from residential roofs, as are some of the signs of damage. Here are five warning signs that mean you need a commercial roof replacement. 

1. Leaks and Water Stains

When it comes to commercial roof problems, leaks are usually caused by a damaged seal, flashing, or ruined membrane. 

The metal flashing seals joints and keeps water from seeping inside. The membrane is a waterproof layer, but a damaged membrane allows water to leak inside and ruin the insulation. 

A big red flag is a stained ceiling or wall, and it may indicate an issue with your flashing, membrane, or another part of the roof. Call a roofing professional to come and take a look. 

2. Mold and Musty Smells

A musty, earthy, or stale smell can indicate hidden mold in the building. Molds grow in moist places, often indicating a moisture problem, like a leaky roof. 

Allergic reactions are common, but sensitive individuals may experience more severe reactions to mold. Molds can even trigger asthma episodes

If you suspect a mold issue, it can cause issues for you and your workers. Don’t delay and call for commercial roof repair or replacement. 

3. Dripping and Puddles

Dripping and puddles are a major red flag that you might have issues with your commercial roof. 

You’re responsible for creating a safe work environment, so if you see puddles on the floor and you suspect it’s from your roof, the first step you should take is to call for an inspection. The last thing you want is for you or your workers to slip and fall on the job. 

4. Standing Water

Although some standing water is expected, especially after heavy rain or storms, water on a commercial roof should drain or evaporate within two to three days. Standing water on a flat commercial roof can indicate a drainage problem and result in leaks, moisture damage, mold, etc. 

Don’t ignore this issue, as it can degrade the roof and affect the structure’s integrity. 

5. The Roof Is Over 25 Years Old

Most roof issues are due to an aging roof. Materials exposed to the elements wear down over time, and it’s generally recommended you call a roofing company for a replacement every 25 years. 

If your roof is 25 years or older, it’s likely time for a new one. 

Do You Need Commercial Roof Replacement? 

Don’t ignore these signs of a failing roof, or you could face steep repair costs, unhappy employees, and more. Call a roofing service for an inspection to keep your building in top shape. 

If you need a commercial roof replacement, leave it to our professional team at Homes Reimagined USA. Simply send us a message or request a quote. We’ll be happy to look at your roof and replace it for you.